Files for the 4th TAI Asia Regional Meeting (28 Feb - 2 Mar 2012) in Bangkok

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Mar 13, 2012
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Files are numbered in accordance with sessions in the meeting.

  1. The Sida-TEI Agreement
  2. Sida’s rules on accounting, reporting, auditing, anti-corruption practices, annual reviews, mid-term review, and final review
  3. RBM training workshop
  4. Partners’ review of the RBM prepared by TEI
  5. Advocacy workshop
  6. Review of partners’ advocacy proposals (against the RBM and advocacy trainings)
  7. Rio+20, including TAI 3D campaign
  8. TAI Southeast Asia regional strategy
  9. Regional convention on P10
  10. Plans for forthcoming activities
  11. TAI Southeast Asia outreach material
Action_A0 Advocacy project TIMELINE.ppt294.5 KB
Action_A1 Advocacy Proposal TEMPLATE 6Mar12.doc53 KB
Action_A2 Problem and Objective Trees TEMPLATE.ppt111 KB
Action_A3 Log Frame EXAMPLE.doc44.5 KB
Action_A3 Log Frame TEMPLATE 9Mar12.doc74.5 KB
docs_00_Agenda TAI regional meeting FINAL.doc162.5 KB
docs_00_Mrs Panit_speech TEI 28 Feb 12.doc44.5 KB
docs_00_Participants_List.xls29.5 KB
docs_01_Budget_Summary.xls22.5 KB
docs_01_P10_Proposal_30062011.pdf99.69 KB
docs_01_P10_Proposal_Budget_Summary.xls22.5 KB
docs_01_P10_Subagreement_Advocacy_Project_Development_Guidelines_9Dec11.doc46.5 KB
docs_01_P10_Subagreement_Advocacy_Quarterly_Progress_Report_Template_9Dec11.doc38.5 KB
docs_02_Sida_Anti-corruption_Article1.pdf8.09 MB
docs_02_Sida_Anti-corruption_Article2.pdf1.73 MB
docs_02_Sida_Anti-corruption_Slides.pdf1.48 MB
docs_03_Noel_LFA - Community Water Supply Case Study.xls61 KB
docs_03_Noel_LFA_caseA.pdf1.03 MB
docs_03_Noel_LFA_caseB.pdf1.33 MB
docs_05_Access Initiative Advocacy Full Draft Workbook_with mediadoc_1.doc1.44 MB
docs_05_Andrea_Caso Emblematico Alcantarillado. ENGLISH.doc262.5 KB
docs_05_Andrea_Caso emblemático Lumbanga. ENGLISH.doc388.5 KB
docs_05_Andrea_TAI Advocacy Workshop Description.doc32 KB
docs_06_Cambodia TAI Cambodia coalition API 13 Feb 2012.doc82 KB
docs_06_Indonesia Strenghthening Right to Environmental and Natural Resource Information.doc64 KB
docs_06_Malaysia-Project Proposal-Concept paper.doc35 KB
docs_06_Philippines Advocacy_Proposal_Template_ Filled-up, (Feb. 14, 2012 615pm).doc68.5 KB
docs_06_Vietnam TAI project proposal 2012-VN.doc75 KB
docs_06_Yunnan proposal ICRAF-China.doc58 KB
docs_07_The Access Initiative Input into compilation document with annexes.pdf1.05 MB
docs_07_What We Want From Rio+20.pdf653.91 KB
docs_08_SE Asia Regional Strategy Kampala 29Oct10.doc79 KB
docs_09_Wates Jeremy paper for TAI GG-3, Kampala, Oct 2010 final.doc85 KB
docs_09_WRI_TAI Rio20 InfoNote_ ENGLISH_JAN1011.pdf264.94 KB
slides_01_Sida-TEI Agreement and Subagreements.ppt2.23 MB
slides_03_Noel_LFA & RBM 2012.ppt3.41 MB
slides_05_Andrea+Sinthay_advocacy workshop day 3.ppt751.5 KB
slides_07_Andrea_rio process.ppt1.39 MB
slides_09_Mita_Regional Convention P10.ppt2.26 MB
slides_10_P10_Forthcoming Activities.ppt513.5 KB
xtra_Sida logo.jpg55.8 KB
xtra_TEI logo.jpg48.61 KB

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