Ecuador’s Citizens have a Voice in Environmental Decision-Making: 2006 Succcess Story
Nov 1, 2006

Note: This story is incomplete.

It is now compulsory for the Ecuadorian government to consult its citizens as part of the process of decision-making on environmental matters. The process for achieving this regulation has taken years, and will improve environmental governance in Ecuador.

Article 28 of the 1999 Ecuadorian Environmental Management Law established the need for a regulation to ensure that citizens can participate in environmental decision-making. A new regulation was drafted through a participatory process involving all stakeholders that commenced in 2004 by the Ecuadorian environmental NGO and PP10 partner, Ecolex and the Ministry of Environment. They conducted an Access Initiative assessment with guidance from World Resources Institute (WRI), and found that the laws for citizen participation were weak.

Efforts to improve these laws led them to help draft a presidential decree that was agreed to by the Minister of Environment and recommended for approval to the President. The President approved the regulation in October 2006.