Ukraine Access to Information: FY07 Success Story
Jan 1, 2007

Note: This story needs work.

As a result of a TAI case study, TAI partner in Ukraine successfully litigated and obtained access to information on hunting permits and a ruling that such permits are subject to EIA laws.

EcoPraovo-Kyiv, the TAI partner in Ukraine was investigating a hunting permit case where an environmental impact assessment had not been conducted in violation of Ukrainian environmental law. Requests for information and documents submitted by the TAI partner to respond to a TAI case study (part of the Ukraine TAI assessment) did not receive responses from environmental agencies in five Ukrainian Oblasts (Rivne, Poltava, Lukansk, Chernihiv and Kirovograd).

In consequences of these and as a result of litigation launched by the TAI partner to challenge the hunting permits, the court ruled that the environmental impact assessment should be conducted. This decision received wide media coverage in Ukraine.