Aarhus Convention Meeting of the Parties in Riga, Latvia June 2008
Jul 30, 2008

The Aarhus Convention celebrates ten years of progress in 2008. The Convention held its third Meeting of the Parties in Riga, Latvia in June 2008 and Lalanath de Silva, Director TAI Secretariat made a presentation to the meeting during a High Level segment on June 13.

The convention was adopted by forty governments and the European Community in Aarhus, Denmark, on the 25th June 1998 at the Fourth Ministerial Conference in the ‘Environment for Europe’ process (UNECE).

The Aarhus Convention is the only multilateral environmental agreement that specifically promotes citizens’ environmental rights. Its core pillars are the right to information, the right to participate and the right of access to justice. These rights allow ordinary citizens to hold their governments accountable and to play a greater role in promoting more sustainable development.

The Convention has legally binding norms which give the public a major new role in decisions concerning the environment. It makes government decision-making transparent, inclusive and accountable and allows participation by grassroots communities in a way that no other international agreement has done before.

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