US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) National Dialogue Project
Nov 17, 2008

Dear TAI Partners,

In December of 2007, the US EPA launched a National Dialogue on Access to Environmental Information in order to enhance the format and quality of information on EPA’s website. The Dialogue involved the EPA speaking with a wide range of people, such as industry representatives, education professionals, state and local environmental and public health professionals, news media representatives, and environmental and community groups, to learn of the challenges individuals face when accessing environmental information on EPA’s website.

As a result of the outreach initiatives of the Dialogue, the EPA issued a Draft Information Access Strategy that details the EPA’s findings about the public’s information access needs and what improvements need to be made to their website.

The Strategy essentially discusses the need for information to be easily found on the EPA’s website, the need for information to be easily understandable by the diversity of their audience, and that the EPA should produce a variety of information products to facilitate different uses.

The Draft Information Access Strategy can be found here:

WRI took advantage of this opportunity to submit a Public Comment, which is attached at the end of this post. WRI focused on 4 key issues: addressing the digital divide and the utilization of low technologies to spread information, making EIA documentation readily accessible to the public, continuous public participation as the EPA implements this Draft Strategy into action, and increased collaboration with EPA’s international partners.

When you have the chance, please provide your comments and suggestions. They will be most constructive in our future communications with the EPA on improved access to information.

Thank you.

WRI EPA Draft Information Strategy Commentary.doc62.5 KB