UNEP Governing Council to Consider Draft Guidelines on Principle 10
Dec 9, 2008
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The 23rd UNEP Governing Council

We at the TAI Secretariat (World Resources Institute) just received this important call to action for access proponents everywhere. In essence the UNEP Governing Council will consider adopting a set of guidelines for national-level laws and institutions for Principle 10 of the Rio Declaration (Access to Information, Public Participation, and Access to Justice). The TAI Network has a special role to play in moving our governments to accept these foundational principles of environmental governance, a first step to creating a binding international treaty or convention. Attachments below give more information.


The UNEP Governing Council, at its meeting of 16-20 February, will discuss guidelines for development of national legislation of an Aarhus character (see attached). The draft guidelines are quite okay, not weaker than the Aarhus Convention. These guidelines could trigger interesting processes in individual non-European countries and could give UNEP and also more financially powerful institutions a mandate to encourage/support/assist national environmental democratization in countries that really need that.

To NGOs in Aarhus Parties:

Ensure support from your government for these guidelines at the UNEP Governing Council. And if non-Europe countries raise the issue of working on a Convention on this basis, also, support. On behalf of the EEB I will write tomorrow to all Environment Ministers of the EU tomorrow asking their full support (see letter attached).

To NGOs in non-European countries:

Study the guidelines and consider lobby to your government to, in any case, support the guidelines for adoption without weakening, and, beyond that, to consider these guidelines to be the first step for a global convention. Please take into account that the European ECO-Forum is having a lot of experience with how the Aarhus Convention works in practice and is prepared to give advise, information, etc. www.participate.org or mara.silina@eeb.org

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