Government negotiations for implementation of rights of access in Macedonia
Apr 8, 2009

TAI team in Macedonia and NGO Florozon started with the realization of numerous meetings with representatives of the government and the local self-government. Namely, at these meetings we discussed their willingness regarding the realization of some of the recommendations from the national research as well as the improvement of the state of the environmental national system. The team held separate meetings with representatives from the Ministry of Environment, the ombudsman, the NGO sector and the local self-government.

Also, yesterday ( 07.04.2009 ) our team had a meeting on high level with the deputy minister of environment Mrs. Sonja Lepitkova. Some more important issues were discussed i.e. rights to access in Macedonia and their implementation, the importance of Republic Macedonia in the realization of the recommendations from the National Research as well as appointing representatives from all sectors in the Ministry of Environment for realizing the research recommendations.

Mrs. Lepitkova gave full and open support to TAI Macedonia which together with all relevant sectors will strive towards implementation of the recommendations and improvement of the environmental democracy.

The methodology for forming inter-ministry group for Aarhus Convention was also discussed at the meeting. In addition, I enclose a photo from the meeting.