Rightful analysis is needed for Kriva Reka
Aug 6, 2009

On 27th July in the daily newspaper DNEVNIK an article was again published about one of the cases which was investigated in the National Research. This case of pollution as well as many others in our country are contradictory regarding the analyses and the results obtained by different researches. Florozon did an investigation and got the information which tells us that according to the Health Care Office the water is extremely polluted with hard metals and in many occasions the maximum level was exceeded, and according to the information of the Ministry of Environment the pollution is of 2nd and 3rd category with minimal exceeding. Such different positions are too contradictory not only for “these waters” but also for many other waters. I ASK MYSELF WHO IS RIGHT, and how long in our country there will be no authentic results or the same will be hidden in the secret drawers of the state administration. You can review the published article or you can log on directly at http://www.dnevnik.com.mk/default-mk.asp

The Access Initiative Macedonia Vesna

TAI Story- Dnevnik 07/27/2009 Rightful analysis is needed for Kriva Reka The results of the Office for Protection showed concentrations of hard metals and 5th category of pollution, and the analyses of the Ministry show that the river belongs to the 2nd and 3rd category.

The analyses of the Central Laboratory of the Ministry of Environment showed that the waters of Kriva Reka are of 2nd and 3rd category with minimal exceeding of the concentrations of hard metals. According to these analyses the pollution was present only at certain measurement stations although a month ago the Health Care Office in Kumanovo alarmed that Kriva Reka is of 5th category of pollution and in many occasions has exceeded the allowed levels of lead, zinc and cadmium. These contradictory results of the two state institutions have caused confusion among the public in Kriva Palanka that has doubts about the validity of the data and does not know who to trust.

In the official letter of the Inspectorate for Environment submitted at request of the Municipality and presented before the counselors, it is said that so far several samples have been taken from more points of waste and technological waters of ROC “Toranica” and the three done analyses show that these samples of the waters of Kriva Palanka match the 2nd and 3rd category of pollution. Only at certain measurement stations increased concentrations were registered exceeding the allowed levels of silver, copper and zinc, and only at one measurement station there was small exceeding of the lead concentrations. According to the Inspectorate no presence of cyanides was found. They point out that they regularly observe the situation and as for the instalation of the mine, which is constantly supervised by inspectors, it is in final preparation phase for obtaining integrated ecological licence and in this process of issuing the licence the municipality will be involved,too.

The water in the central city area is also of 2nd category contrary to the results of the Health Care Office in Kumanovo which were obtained at request of the Sport Fishing Association “Mrena” and which showed pollution of 5th category in the area as well as in the measurement stations near the mine by exceeding the maximum values of lead, zinc and cadmium by 6, 8 and 160 times.

  • We can’t believe that only in a month the water in Kriva Reka at the critical points from “Toranica” to the city, has passed over from 5th category to 2nd and 3rd category. No matter the possibility for variations of the results, still these are great differences. The Ministry of Environment says that everything is all right, while our independent researches show catastophic results and consequences. The question that is being asked by the association “Mrena” is why in this basin of Kriva Reka there are no fish, not even larvae, and the water is constantly muddy with black and grey sediment. They say that they won’t give up the undertaken measurements for court procedure against the polluter.

The contradictory results confused the local self-government, too, as well as the citizens who are worried about the ecological state in this area. The municipality wants the Ministry to find a solution for this dilemma, and after the mayor Arsenco Aleksovski put forward a proposal the municipality council formed special commission consisted of experts that will work on this problem.

The contradictory results are often obtained with the researches and this was pointed out as big problem by NGO Florozon which did the first TAI Research in the country regarding the access to information and justice and public participation in the process of making decisions.

  • Very frequently the state institutions say that there is no pollution contrary to the analyses carried out by the non-governmental sector or other concerned parties. This tells us that the authority takes the polluter’s side and conceals the real state. The Government considers the citizen associations as threat and tries to block their activities and their role in the protection of the environment, it is said in Florozon. The experts point out that in order to confirm certain state of pollution it is necessary to undertake different constant analyses in specific time period that will provide relevant indicators. According to them, the problem lies in the fact that the country hasn’t got authorized independent laboratory for conducting research of the presence of hard metals. Zaklina Cvetkovska DNEVNIK

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