TAI Macedonia is a member of the PRTR's Compliance Committee !
May 6, 2010

PRTR is a national or regional environmental database or inventory of potentially hazardous chemical substances and/or pollutants released to air, water and soil, and transferred off-site for treatment or disposal.

The UNECE Protocol on PRTRs is the first legally binding international instrument on PRTRs. He was adopted in Kyiv in 2003 and entered into force in October 2009. He was adopted during an extraordinary reunion of the signatory countries of the Convention on information access, public participation at the decision-making process and justice access in terms of environment (Aarhus convention).

The objectives of PRTR are to enhance public access to information on the environment, to facilitate public participation and to contribute to pollution prevention and control.

The purpose of this protocol is to raise awareness of companies to reduce environmental pollution which is largely dangerous to human health and through implementation and the existence of registers of transfer of pollutants and pollutants can bring tangible benefits to industry through improved management pollutants.

Special significance of this protocol is that it must provide maximum access to public facilitated through electronic means, such as the Internet. Such access must be provided in all public places such as the public libraries, offices etc.

TAI Macedonia- Kiril Ristovski

In connection with this protocol must be noted that there are specific international standards for the protection of this information’s in order to protect the names of companies etc. Republic of Macedonia is signatory of this protocol since 2003, but he is not yet entered into force, because the government didn’t ratify it yet. In context of ratification of this protocol, TAI Macedonia managed to make a major step forward through including representative from Macedonia in Compliance Committee for PRTR in UN.

Macedonian representative witch is also member of Inter-ministry group for Aarhus Convention that was formed as a part of TAI Activities, was proposed by the European ECO Forum, based on a proposal by Florozon and TAI Macedonia. Official nomination was done by Spain as they were a Party to the protocol. He was elected for a half of term witch means until second MOP of the Protocol.

Within Ministry of environment, NGO Florozon and coordinator of Inter-ministry group, the state secretary for environment, Mrs.Lidija Zafirovska , had meeting about this issue, and they were agreed about the position that in the next period is necessary to put the accent on acceleration of procedure on ratification of PRTR protocol in Republic of Macedonia and to make all necessary conditions about his complete implementation.

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10:22am - May 17, 2010

Dear Kiril, This is great news. I hope the new institution will produce as meaningful outputs as the “big” Compliance Committee does. And keep her involved in TAI so that we can have a larger influence space. Good job! dr. Csaba Kiss Director EMLA

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