Really Good Funding Opportunity - UN Democracy Fund 5th Round
Nov 10, 2010

Dear TAI Partners,

The UN democracy Fund will open its 5th round of funding for proposals on November 15. The deadline is December 31. The UNDEF makes grants for good governance projects that are directly related to enhancing democracy. In 2007 the Secretariat attempted to raise network-wide funds through the UNDEF but failed. This year we suggest that partners apply directly to the fund. if there is any help by way of training or research that you would like the secretariat to do, you can include some funds in your proposals for this. Below is an extract from the announcement. The main announcement will be made on the UNDEF website on Nov 15. Before that we recommend that you go on the website and look at the kids of projects that have been funded before and also look at the guidelines for round four. This round will not be very different.

We feel that projects that can be called “environmental democracy” projects stand a good chance. For example, if you have a public hearing or participation provision in your EIA laws or regulations and there are a good number of hearings or participation opportunities each year, then a project to enhance affected community capacity to participate would stand a good chance. If you have extractive industries and you think it is possible to use freedom of information laws to get more info about them or use parliamentary or other administrative proceedings to get more transparency and citizen engagement - then that might also be a good project. The UNDEF is looking for innovation - so think of new things and be creative. Can you create a website that people can upload info direct to through mobile phones? Information that is useful to the public and things that get engage citizens - for example where toxic materials are being dumped or basic info about critical areas where new projects are being located or air or water quality info. These can also be good provided you can show how they relate to the use of democratic rights and processes by people.

One more thing. Ideally, the projects you propose should be supported by a UN agency in your country - like UNDP. So if you know the UNDP representative or other high up UN official, get their endorsement for your proposal and ensure they agree to be the overseeing agency.

Lalanath ==========Announcement=============

UNDEF site

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About funding
11:28pm - May 25, 2011

we have been working to strenthen democracy in Nepal since last three year at the grass root level .We really appriciate for this programme which really need for those countries who has not yet strong foundation of democracy.Nepal has not still clear of its future political system.Because we have not yet constitution and not settle yet the Maoiest combatent who those are still in contonment which is nearly 20000 with we have to work for them and we have new programme for that.if any funding avilable on it we can work together. Narendra K.Gurung General Secretary

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