India's First Green Awards: Honoring Green Heroes Including TAI Partner Ritwick Dutta
Dec 8, 2010
Ritwick Hero Awards 2010.jpg
TAI Partner, Ritwick Dutta Wins First Ever Indian Green Hero Award

For some, green has become an increasingly hot issue. Though, others have fought for many years to conserve nature ensuring a safe environment for future generations. This year, NDTV and Toyota have co-launched the first Greenies Eco Awards in India. The aim of the awards is to encourage, acknowledge and award champions of the Earth for their environmental leadership. The nominees were chosen for their ability to find innovative solutions to environmental challenges. This year, Access Initiative partner and Indian Supreme Court Advocate, Ritwick Dutta has been recognized for his efforts as a Green Hero!
For his great work, Ritwick Dutta received a cash prize of Rs 100,000, a certificate and a Greenies Trophy presented to him by the President of India, Pratibha Devisingh Patil.

The following is a statement made by the President about the awards, “I want to congratulate NDTV for taking this initiative. These awards are recognition of the environmental consciousness shown by individuals, institutions, organizations and businesses. I want to congratulate all the award winners which include legendary figures and also who are working with deep commitment to follow green ethics. Climate change has impacted every aspect of our lives. Today we face a situation where human existence and capacity to survive will depend on how creatively we can weave the environment agenda in our lives. As a nation, India is committed to contribute, in accordance with its capability, to the global endeavor to deal with climate change”

To read more about work Ritiwick has undertaken as part of the TAI India coalition, please click on the links in the matrix Here you will find stories about work being done on access to information, participation, and justice in environmental decision-making within India.

Additionally, the following story highlights some of the work the Legal Initiative for Forest and Environment , started by Mr. Dutta, has undertaken as lawyers fighting for the future of India.

The TAI Network congratulates Ritwick and all of the green heroes in the network for their achievements around the world. Without you, the voiceless would not have a voice.

To watch the Green Eco Awards nominations please go to NDTV: NDTV announces the Winners of ‘Greenies Eco Awards

To read more about the awards ceremony please visit: Awards Ceremony on NDTV

To watch the awards ceremony please visit: Awards Ceremony on NDTV

7:27pm - Dec 8, 2010

Certainly the recognition of the efforts of many heroes (some anonymous) takes long but it comes! Congratulations Ritwick!!!!

9:52pm - Dec 8, 2010

Wonderful achievement Ritwick. we are all proud of you. Keep up the good work.

5:17am - Dec 9, 2010

Congratulation Ritwick. This is a great achivement for environmental litigator. Keep it up.


12:12pm - Dec 9, 2010

We are proud of you Ritwick. Great work. Congratulation !

It is a honor to have among our TAI partners a green hereo. A handful of commited citizens can make a huge difference for the improvement of the planet’s current deteriorating conditions.

Teresa Flores Asociacion Boliviana Prodefensa de la Naturaleza / PRODENA Av. Bush No. 1211, Mezanine, Of. 7 La Paz, Bolivia,

Green Hero
6:22pm - Dec 10, 2010

Congratulations again Ritwick .. Never give up the fight , the struggle for your country..Carole

11:14am - Oct 30, 2013

Green awards are really motivating to work for the welfare of environment and the necessity of protecting and preserving environment is being highlighted in these awards. Congrats for all your efforts Ritwick and please continue it in future also.

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