Specific Objectives
· To accelerate the compliance of the government of Cameroon to the Rio Declaration and especially to PP10 as a partner.
· To provide a framework for guidance and oversight during the conduct of a country assessment to be carried out by a coalition of NGOs on the implementation of Principle 10 in Cameroon;
· To jointly constitute and operationalise a National TAI Advisory Panel and organise other meetings, events, exhibitions, etc.;
· To create a forum for exchange of ideas, information and experiences with the Government of Cameroon and the partner organisations in the planning and development of Cameroon’s commitments for ‘‘Partnership for Principle 10 (PP10)’’.
· To promote The Access Initiative in the Central African sub-regions. Activities of TAI-Cameroon Project

The activities to be carried out by TAI-Cameroon Project include: · Initiate regular encounters with the government of Cameroon in view of setting up a Country Advisory Panel that comprises the government of Cameroon, key government agencies and representatives of civil society; · Undertake research in government policies and practices in collaboration with Civil Society Organisations; · Monitor the performance of the government of Cameroon on insuring public access to information, participation and justice in decision-making that affects the environment; · Initiate priority policy reforms in collaboration with policy makers from research findings in order to improve on public access; · Organise outreach strategies that will avail the Civil Society with pertinent research findings on their rights to information, participation and justice in decisions regarding the environment.

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