Costa Rica

The environment topic holds a special significance for Costa Rica. This country stands out for having a great availability of hydric resources and rich biodiversity. Having placed the 25,6% of the country’s surface under some kind of management; 8% of this area is protected by the private sector and an additional 7% are indigenous reservations, which have community management plans. Costa Rica has positioned itself globally as a country that appreciates and protects its natural environment, which has brought, among other results, a very relevant affluence in tourism, with the subsequent environmental impact that the development of hotel infrastructure and general services. On the other hand, the Costa Rican population has increasingly begun to relate their life quality to the country’s environmental wealth, which is expressed in an ample social environmental movement. Moreover, the development model experimented by Costa Rica, at least until the mid 70’s, made conservation of its beaches, costal maritime zone, and important forest regions possible, under the national public property regime; but at the present moment it is an unresolved conflict with the predominant foreign investment based current proposal.

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