The first assessment of TAI – MZ started in August 2006. Is coordinated by Centro Terra Viva and includes Livaningo and Forum Natureza em Perigo, including the following activities:

  • Convening a coalition of Mozambican NGO’s and experts;
  • Forming an advisory panel and working with the government;
  • Adapting, developing, and applying TAI methodology;
  • Data collection;
  • Preparing a report of results;
  • Disseminating results in various institutions;
  • Fundraising for the project;
  • Elaboration and translation of the Final Technical Report.

The TAI-MZ has established the permanent TAI representative. Simultaneously, it has worked to disseminate TAI project all along the country sensitizing the political decision-makers and the public in general on the relevance of TAI project and to encourage the government authority to implement the access rights.