Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka the TAI programme officially commenced with the ‘Launch and Training Workshop for South Asia’ held in December 2005.

Before this launch TAI National Coalition of Non Governmental Organizations was formed in November 2005. This coalition consisted of six NGOs in the field of environment, justice and policy with the Public Interest Law Foundation (PILF) acting as the Secretariat.

In May 2006 a National Advisory Panel with representatives from government and other institutions was formed to advise, assist, and give input for selected issues on the TAI effort.

Four of the NGOs in the coalition participated in the main TAI Research which assessed 18 case studies completing 785 indicators in total. The four NGOs were PILF, the Green Movement Sri Lanka (GMSL), The Centre for Environmental Justice (CEJ) and the Law and Society Trust (LST). The main report of this study will be finalized in June 2008.

In parallel to this main TAI study, two poverty pilot studies were also conducted by the PILF.

The main findings and recommendations of the main TAI report were presented in Bangkok at the TAI Asia partners meeting whilst the PI1 report findings were discussed over a tele-conference with WRI and other partners who attended the PI1 meeting in Washington DC in 2007.

Sri Lanka was represented at the last Principle 10 meeting held in Mexico in 2007 by the Ministry of Urban Development and Sacred Areas Development.