A 2005 TAI Venezuela assessment found that “In a general sense, although there exist a multiplicity of laws that… touch tangentially the topics of access to information, we may point out that the element that is present in most of the laws approved, from year 2000 on, is participation. With this, we may say that it is an important advancement to include participation as a transversal axis of the policies at all levels, but it is not less important to strengthen the information that will allow a conscient participation….As the “third leg” of this important tripod, it is necessary to strengthen the administrative and judicial mechanisms of access to justice, since the latter allow to solve a situation of conflict of interests between citizens and Public Administration. It is important for the success of the implementation of the principles of access, that the public and private actors are incorporated, and that there are concrete products of this interaction, of course within the framework of the legal and constitutional principles.”