Choosing Our Future: Open and Participatory Sustainable Development Governance
Apr 18, 2012
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
June 19, 2012
Sponsoring Organization(s): 
TAI, WRI, UNECE, FGV, EEA, Stakeholder Forum, WFC, INECE, UNEP, Article 19, EEB, REC, UNITAR, IP

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On June 19th, governments, civil society groups, and intergovernmental organizations will meet to assess progress and advance proposals to move Principle 10 into its next generation of reforms. Workshops will give citizens and their governments the opportunities to share innovations and challenges as they identify next steps in citizen engagement in decision-making.

Following opening sessions, celebrating the environmental governance accomplishments and future commitments of governments and intergovernmental organizations, the day will center around working sessions. Each session will aim to produce guidance for post-Rio initiatives.

OBJECTIVES: - Highlight governance commitments from around the world - Develop an agenda of good governance reforms for the coming decade - Advance ideas on how to build legal frameworks at the national, regional and international levels to implement Principle 10

For full schedule of workshops, please see attached PDF

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