Public Administrative Fairness in Environmental Decision Making
Aug 19, 2013
Jacob Burns Moot Court Room, GW Law School
September 25, 2013
Sponsoring Organization(s): 
World Resources Institute, George Washington University Law School

The World Resources Institute (WRI) in association with the George Washington University Law School (GW Law) is hosting a multi-stakeholder workshop on September 25, 2013 in Washington DC, as part of the “Public Administrative Fairness in Environmental Decision Making” project.

The Public Administrative Fairness project has focused on addressing the pressing demand to increase the transparency, accountability and public participation in administrative proceedings by identifying a set of broadly applicable general principles for ensuring procedural justice in environmental decision making that affects the public or communities. The project aims at creating an annotated set of principles that illustrate their application using good practice examples. As part of our effort to develop these principles, the workshop creates a platform to:

-Identify gaps in legal doctrines and principles in the application of administrative law and procedures to decisions made by public officials that affect communities and the public at large.

-Recognize the need for such doctrines and principles and the adverse impact their absence has on the public and affected communities.

-Develop a set of procedural principles that governments and public officials can be called upon to abide by in making decisions that affect rights of the public or communities.

Participants will include academicians, lawyers, international agencies, high level government officials, civil society representatives, and administrative and procedural rights experts.

We have created a day-long agenda which includes facilitated parallel sessions designed to invite critique on thirteen draft principles for ensuring public administrative fairness including a concluding session on priorities and future strategies for further developing the Administrative principles and ensuring its effective implementation.

Contact Naysa Ahuja ( , 202-729-7600 Ext 7719) with any questions or concerns

Attached below is the Event Agenda

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