Regional Workshop on the Implementation of Rio Principle 10 in the Caribbean Region
Jul 31, 2013
Trinidad and Tobago
September 16, 2013 - September 17, 2013
Sponsoring Organization(s): 

UNEP, UNITAR, ECLAC and others have joined forces to cooperatively support the development of Principle 10 and the application of the Bali Guidelines in Latin America and the Caribbean. This workshop presents a joint effort to raise awareness among countries in the region on Principle 10, the Declaration on the application of Principle 10 in LAC and the Bali Guidelines and will be followed by targeted activities to assist interested and committed countries to implement the Bali Guidelines at the national level.

Workshop Objectives •Take stock and identify key issues for effective implementation of Principle 10 in the region •Introduce and discuss relevance of the Bali Guidelines for Principle 10 national implementation •Introduce and discuss the relevance of the LAC Principle 10 Declaration for regional Principle 10 application •Introduce and discuss the relevance of the Aarhus Convention as an example for a regional Principle 10 instrument •Exchange good practices and lessons learned for the three pillars of Principle 10 (public participation, access to information, access to Justice) •Identify opportunities for action, capacity development and networking •Identify countries needs for the implementation of the Bali Guidelines

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