Culture and Environment Preservation Association (CEPA)


CEPA is a non-political and non-profit, non-government organization (NGO). It is made up of young students and professionals who are interested in the preservation of culture of the indigenous people and the protection of the environment. It recognizes the importance of the inputs of the people in the form of knowledge, experiences and suggestion to influence development projects so they can lead to maximum benefits to the communities. It strongly believes in non-discrimination, environmental preservation, non-violence and respect women.

It encourages volunteer work and co-operation among the NGOs, NGOs partners and other partners in the local and international communities. CEPA does not believe in destroying wildlife through human consumption.


An independent society that preserves its culture and protects its environment while collaborating with partners, government agencies, researchers and international communities to meet its needs without compromising its abilities to meet the needs of future generation in terms of their environmental, social and economic stability and security.


  1. To work with all sectors- with the grassroots and with the government- to promote and increase the people’s economic, social and cultural rights and to foster a commitment to the protection of its culture and environment through research, information exchange, knowledge acquisition and enlightened activism.

  2. To improve the livelihood opportunity of the people in the community and promote equality and equity of women and men to ensure the preservation of traditional culture, the promotion of social justice and sustainable livelihood.

  3. To empower the people in the communities to have equality and equity and right to use and manage the natural resources; and

  4. To push networking as means to communicate to members of society their social, economic and environmental rights for increased social understanding and indigenous culture preservation



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