Association Intercooperation Madagascar

The Association Intercooperation Madagascar (AIM) is a local association of law Malagasy non-profit. It is governed by Order 60133 of October 30, 1960. Formally established on 29 September 2004, it began to be active in the implementation of rural development projects from April 2005.

AIM aims to contribute to poverty reduction and improving equitable living conditions of people, that by acting collectively.

AIM conducts in-house projects and programs to support rural development in various regions of Madagascar. It operates in four thematic areas: local governance and civil society, natural resource management, access to basic social services, local economy and food security.

AIM collaborates with the Delegation of Madagascar Intercooperation and its projects and programs. A collaboration agreement facilitates the exchange of services, looking for synergy and efficiency within the group. AIM has access, and helps builds the knowledge available at the group level to better position themselves by keeping its financial autonomy.