Association Nacional d'Actions Environnementales

ANAE Association is a private non-profit organization, founded in 1991 for the promotion of environmental protection and economic and social development in Madagascar.

Missions: ANAE contributes in the development of sustainable management of natural resources and improvement of rural living to ensure both the well-being of the ecosystem and human welfare.

Objectives: ANAE chief objective is the protection of the environment and rural development in Madagascar by the provision for technical and financial partners for its expertise in the field of conservation management of water and soil. It intends to promote a process of awareness, development and transfer of technical and organizational knowledge that will enable rural communities to: improve their productive capacity while protecting natural resources, particularly capital and ground water resources, restore degraded forests to turn them into functional ecosystems, and conserve forest resources for active participation in the fight against climate change, one of the crucial problems which the world is currently facing.

Result of this overall objective the following specific objectives: Promote sound management of natural resources by the population; Promote technical development and environment-friendly land use; Encourage rationalization of the occupation and land use; Support increased production and farm incomes; Support action on mitigation of climate change