Centre for Sustainability, Institute of Technology Sligo

The Centre for Sustainability was established in 2001 at Institute of Technology, Sligo. The Centre is a location for interdisciplinary, integrated research on issues of sustainability. It co-ordinates focused research groups, such as the Environmental Democracy Team (COMHRA) and the Bio-solids Group. The Head of Research at the Centre is Dr John Bartlett.

The establishment of the Centre is a natural development of the Institute’s long track record in environmental education and research. Postgraduate research at the Institute currently includes public participation in environmental decision-making, access to justice, environmental monitoring and analysis, advanced environmental analysis, wastewater treatment, remediation of contamination, sustainable development, sustainable tourism, environmental economics and public attitudes to the environment.

The aims of the Centre are:

• To promote interdisciplinary research on issues of sustainability. • To enhance the learning experience of post-graduate students, through the promotion of an interdisciplinary research culture. • To facilitate the integration of the outcomes of various research streams. • To support researchers in administration of sustainability research. • To support researchers in dissemination of the outcomes of sustainability research. • To act as a reference point and information centre on issues of sustainability. • To develop and participate in networks of, and strategic alliances with, organisations working in areas of sustainability. • To support the development of undergraduate modules and courses in sustainability.

The Centre for Sustainability will maximise the scope and potential contribution of its activities by entering into strategic alliances with other groups or institutions with similar aims.

Strategic alliances may take the form of:

• Agreements to share information, or the outcomes of research. • Agreements to share resources. • Joint research projects. • Facilitation of researchers from the strategic partners. • Other alliances that the Board deems appropriate.

The primary benefit of the Centre, and of the strategic alliances made with it, is the potential for complete integration of multidisciplinary data on issues of sustainability. This is not possible under any current institutions or centres.

Contact: Dr John Bartlett Email: Bartlett.john@itsligo.ie

071 9155314