Environment-People-Law (EPL)

Environment – People – Law is a public interest environmental law organization which since 1994 has been protecting environmental rights, supporting, restoring and improving the environment and providing legal help in protecting other human rights, especially those which overlap with environmental rights.

Key directions of activities: 1) Advocacy. This direction includes provision of legal consultations to citizens and NGOs for protection of their environmental rights, litigation, commenting environmental legislation. 2) Environmental and legal education. EPL runs a legal clinic for law students, organizes seminars and conferences for public officials and the public on various environmental and legal issues, publishes a quarterly Environment. People. Law Journal. Moreover, EPL publishes compendiums on issues of access to information, access to justice in environmental matters, industrial pollution of air etc., compendiums with commentaries to international conventions (the Carpathian Convention). 3) Networking. EPL works in national and international networks of organizations focusing on environmental and legal issues. EPL is the Ukrainian headquarters of the Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide (ELAW) and the Association of environmental lawyers of the EECCA countries (Guta Association). Moreover, EPL works within working groups of NGOs on climate change, environmental policy, European integration, realization of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region etc.
4) International activities. The organization promotes realization of multilateral agreements in Ukraine. We are especially active in the process of realizing the Aarhus Convention, the Espoo Convention, the Ramsar Convention, the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. In addition, harmonization of Ukrainian environmental legislation with the relevant legal norms of the EU is within EPL’s focus too.

In 2003, EPL was recognized as the Center of Excellence of Environmental Law by the Commission on Environmental Law of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

In 2006, EPL lawyer received the world’s highest environmental award – Goldman Environmental Prize.

In 2010, EPL won the first for Ukraine environmental case in the European Court of Human Rights.

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