Instituto Marquês Valle Flor (IMVF)

The world today faces great challenges. The Millennium Development Goals are only partially completed and threats to food security, the supply of Energy and Climate Change require the mobilization of all citizens to fight against poverty.

The IMVF - Marquis of Valle Flor Institute is a Non Governmental Organization for Development (NGO) that believes in the joint effort of millions of people around the world seeking to advance development on the populations most in need.

We focus our intervention in the Portuguese-speaking countries and take mission is the promotion of their socio-economic and cultural.

The IMVF operates throughout the CPLP, the main work areas Cooperation and Development Education; is innovative in decentralized cooperation with the municipalities and occasionally receives requests to intervene in humanitarian aid in countries where it operates continuously.

A dynamic and committed team in Portugal and on the ground, concrete initiatives in key sectors such as Education, Health and Food Safety, focusing your way of working in partnership with organizations and institutions of each country, and the beneficiaries of the projects , reinforcing the idea behind all the activity - that only through the empowerment of populations is possible to boost sustainable development of communities.




St. Nicholas Street, 105,
City, Postal: 
1100-548 Lisboa
+ 351 213 256 300