Cultura Ecológica, A.C.
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Cultura Ecológica is anNGO with the mission of contributing to the development of an ecological culture in the Mexican population, by increasing awareness of the tools necessary for responsible participation in the environmental decision making process.

Vision: We envision well informed and more participatory society as a fundamental means in the building of a more sustainable model.


• To have an impact through the dissemination of environmental information
• To generate awareness for the inclusion of the environmental variable in social, working, and everyday life
• To use environmental education as a means to foster social knowledge
• To promote access to information, transparency, participation and environmental access


• Integration and development of environmental data bases on Mexican legislation and standards
• Development of strategies for environmental education and social participation
• Research and actions around the Principle 10 of the Rio


Lines of action:

• Information Systems
• Environmental Education
• Social Participation
• Communications
• Training
• Project Management



Magdalena No 22-404 Col. Del Valle
City, Postal: 
CP 03100, Mexico DF
5536-28-84 5687-1526