Presencia Ciudadana Mexicana
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Presencia Cuidadana Mexicana is a non profit organization formed by citizens, independent from political parties and the government. It is sustained fundamentally on the volunteer work of its members, and from donations given from international foundations for specific projects that the organization is running. It was founded in 1994 with the mission to contribute to the creation of a democratic society, environmentally sustainable, civically participative on the collective matters of the country, and respectful of the citizen rights, including of youths and women, on the display of political processes. To develop the mission of the organization, four fundamental causes have been defined. These causes are the practical content of the activities and commitments of the organization:

• Democratic culture
• Environment
Access to Information

At the initiation of Presencia Ciudadana these goals were developed through the activities in areas such as electoral observation programs, youth leadership, gender equity and environmental education. Now the causes that inspired these actions intersect in all areas on projects that promote access to information, citizen participation in decision making processes, governance, transparency of government, environmental politics, and the involvement of youth among others.

Currently the environmental area is one of the main cores of the organization. In environmental matters the organization proposes and acts in favor of a sustainable society, which means a society that is able to harmonize its needs of social and economical development with the protection of the environment. The organization considers that environmental protection and improvement is not only the responsibility of society, it concerns also the government, political parties and entrepreneurs. The philosophy of the organization consist of delineating suggestions and actions that contribute to the positive transformation of the Mexican society.

The organization develops its different projects in various cities of the country, with the collaboration of state committees, social organizations and active citizens with the aim to multiply the learned experience, exchange information and interchange initiatives and ideas to diverse local and national situations.




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