Association for Environment at Vietnam Environment Protection Agency

Prime missions

  1. Developing and submitting to relevant authorities for promulgation of laws and regulations, policies, strategies, plans, national target plans, programs and projects on environment.

  2. Organizing implementation of preventive measures in order to prevent, mitigate and respond to environmental contamination caused by environmental accidents.

  3. Controlling environmental quality in urban, rural and mountainous areas, river basins and coastal zones; industrial areas, etc. Controlling transboundary environmental pollutions.

  4. Assessing and appraisal of reports of strategic environmental assessment, environmental impact assessment, integrated environmental impact assessment, transboundary environmental impact assessment, environment protection commitment; providing guidance to examine, evaluate and appraise equipment, environmental treatment facilities before operation.

  5. Managing waste, promoting environment quality; protecting environment in river basins and coastal zones and handling environmental pollution hot-spots.

  6. Implementing nationwide survey, inventory, monitoring, assessment of biodiversity; assessing trans-provincial or transboundary degraded ecosystems and proposing measures to conserve, rehabilitate and maintain sustainable use of biological resources.

  7. Inspecting, examining and handling of violations of environmental laws.

  8. Implementing international co-operation environmental programs and projects. Performing functions of the focal points to international conventions on: biodiversity, biosafety, wetlands of international importance; controlling the transboundary movement of hazardous wastes, persistent organic pollutants, etc.

  9. Studying and applying scientific and technological advancements in environmental protection; developing and implementing target environmental projects applying scientific and technological measures; researching and advancing the science on environmental management.

  10. Developing the masterplan for national environmental monitoring network; developing and managing national environmental data, environmental statistics; formulating environmental status reports.

  11. Consulting on environmental protection; studying, implementing and transferring environmental technologies; carrying out environmental public services.

  12. Establishing, managing, utilizing, and developing environmental database, data and environmental information system.

  13. Coordinating with mass media to perform environmental propaganda programs; developing and disseminating printed matters for environmental propaganda; organizing Vietnam environmental competitions and prizes.



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