Institution Member: FOCO/IMPADE - Citizen’s Forum of Participation for Justice and Human Rights-

FOCO has a consolidated working at the local level and the field promoting respect for human rights, and strengthening active and responsible participation of the population and the local social organizations in public policy for social and community development, making use of the formal and non formal national and international frameworks in access to information, public participation and access to justice in environmental materials. His field work is at present through three “social observatory” for the monitoring of cases in each town: - Social Observatory of the town of Loma Hermosa. Buenos Aires - Social Observatory Virrey del Pino González Catán Party and La Matanza. - Social Observatory of Human Rights and Environment of Saint Martin and Tres de Febrero.

Foco also develops through the Observatory for Translational Corporations in Argentina approach work on corporate responsibility and social impact from compliance and the promotion of greater environmental regulations, the international CSR standards, greater transparency and greater community participation, through monitoring specialized cases. Focus in this regard has recently filed a complaint against the companies OECD Shell CAPSA and Shell International based on the violation of the OECD guidelines and the legal environment and access to information in Argentina.




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