Agricultural Cooperative Development International (ACDI)


A world in which people are empowered to succeed in the global economy.


To promote economic opportunities for cooperatives, enterprises and communities through the innovative application of sound business practice.


ACDI/VOCA strives to promote positive economic and social change worldwide. It is distinguished by commitment to its overseas beneficiaries, wise stewardship of development resources and a knowledgeable, experienced, diverse and effective team.

Commitment to Beneficiaries

ACDI/VOCA is dedicated to poverty alleviation and broad-based economic growth. Our respect for host societies and our commitment to the involvement of beneficiaries as true partners in development projects result in improved local capacities, enhanced opportunities, and vibrant, sustainable communities, cooperatives and enterprises. ACDI/VOCA’s business model of development is designed to increase incomes and wealth, permitting beneficiaries to fully participate in the global economy.

Stewardship of Development Resources

High-quality work and strict standards of accountability characterize ACDI/VOCA’s programs. We take pride in being a technical leader, but with a human focus. Projects are based on a clear focus on development goals, proven approaches and a results-orientation. ACDI/VOCA adopts for its own management the same enlightened business tools and techniques that we promote abroad. To maximize the effective use of public resources and sustainable impact, we favor expandable, replicable methods, local ownership, an emphasis on broad-based participation and alliances with the private sector and other partners.