AGENDA for Environment and Responsible Development (AGENDA)

AGENDA for Environment and Responsible Development is a non-governmental, non profit sharing organization. It was established in 1994 by the Danish Development Agency (DANIDA) as a project to contribute to the development of the business sector in Tanzania by promoting environmentally responsible, transparent and accountable business practices in the country. On concluding the project AGENDA was reconstituted as an autonomous NGO and was officially registered in July 1997 by the Ministry of Home Affairs under the Societies Ordinance (Reg. No. SO.NO.9108).

Vision: To become a well established,effective and responsive organisation committed to safe and sustainable environment.

Mission: To promote a culture of responsibility to the environment amongst the general public through advocacy, capacity building and stakeholders’ involvement in Tanzania and beyond.

Membership: Membership is open to all individuals and organizations that ascribe to AGENDA’s mission. It is a network organization with both individual and institutional members including other NGOs and CBOs. Membership is heterogeneous, drawing members from the field of environment and sustainable development, research and academia. The aim is to develop a wide network of members and collaborators committed to the principles of responsible and sustainable development. Members’ participation is key to AGENDA’s legitimacy and performance.

AGENDA works through partnerships and networking internally and internationally on environmental issues that cut across different sectors. Its main areas focus include: Chemicals and Chemical Wastes Management; Solid Wastes Management; Biodiversity Conservation; Coastal Environment Management; Integrated Environment Management and Planning; Information and Social Aspects of Environmental Management.



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