Access to Information Programme (AIP-Bulgaria)

Access to Information Programme (AIP) was founded on 23rd October 1996 in Sofia by journalists, lawyers, sociologists, and economists, determined to contribute to the establishment of informed public opinion by promoting the right of information; by encouraging the search for information through public education in freedom of information principles; and by working for the transparency of the institutions of the central and local government.

AIP cooperates with a developed network of journalists, who look for cases of information denial in 26 towns; systemizes and analyzes unlawful denials of information—more than 2000 cases; provides legal help in individual cases; observes the practices of information provision and gives recommendations for their improvement; makes suggestions for the improvement of the access to information legislation to government and municipal institutions; clarifies the right to access to information through the media; organizes workshops, seminars, and conferences on the problems related to the free access to information; develops publications and releases information in the media. AIP is a founder and a member of the International Network of Freedom of Information Advocates (FOIANet ).



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