Chamreun Chiet Khmer Organization (CCK)

CCK is a local non governmental organization, who operated its program since 1996 until now. CCK was acknowledged by the Ministry Of Interior since November, 11 1998. CCK is located in Romehn commune; Koh Andeth district; Takeo province. The goal of the CCK is the community will have the technical knowledge on how to protect and improve the environment in order to avoid the natural disaster and secure the food security of the community people. To achieve this CCK will empower the women to participate in decision making with highly accountable to activities implementation as the leader in the community. For the cusses and good collaboration to implement the project activities, CCK has established structure with different level from commune to villages and the committee for the small group in the village through the election, which is participate by the community people in their respective villages. Even though CCK make an effort to work with the community and collaborate with the local authority directly and indirectly, CCK faced problems as below:

-The 5 Community Forestry from 5 communes did not have formal recognition from the Forest Administration yet -Illegal logging is still happening in the target commune of CCK such tree cutting, burn the forest and take the land for farming, hunting -The capability of the community committee is still not strong enough, due to lack of fund for the capacity building for them -CCK target area most people do the ??, which was used a lot of chemical fertilizer, pesticide much more than need to kill the insect, which is caused for the health problem of the people who consumed the product, as well as the health of the animals, and depredated soil condition. -The community market still have low capacity to manage the shop -Far target villages does not have the market to sell their agriculture product, and the price of their product was manipulated by traders



Chambak Em Village, Rominh Commune, Koh Andeth District, Takeo
012 791 421 ,092 791 213