Environmental Law Center (CPE)

The Environmental Law Center is an independent think tank and advisory body which specialises in environmental law.

CPE operates parallel to the law firm, Jendrośka Jerzmański Bar and partners on economic law and the protection of the environment.

CPE belongs to several international and national organizations and is a member of the European Environmental Bureau (International Federation of organic organisation) based in Brussels, as well as a member of the supporting Associations, the Poland green network based in Kraków and the Office Supporting eco-Lobbying, based in Warsaw.

CPE is currently in cooperation with a number of local institutions * Sejm and Senate of the Republic of Poland * The Ministry Of The Environment * local and regional authorities of various levels * Government Administration

Abroad, CPE is in cooperation with * The European Commission * The United Nations Economic * The UNITED NATIONS Environment Programme (UNEP) * The European Commission

CPE also works with the Regional Environmental Center in Szentendre, the Environmental Law Institute in Washington DC, Eco-Institute in Darmstad, American Bar Association, CEELI, the Helsinki Foundation for human rights and a number of research centres and research and consultancy firms.

Email: cpe@eko.wroc.pl



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50-062 Wrocław
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