Estonian Green Movement

Estonian Green Movement (EGM) est. 1988 as a environmental non-profit organization. Estonian Green Movement led to the establishment of a priority the need to better coordinate the efforts of the so-called environmentalists.The Estonian Green Movement today is engaged in environmental projects only, without interfering in political affairs.

Estonian Green Movement is targeted at the Estonian society, nature conservation and sustainable way of life. EGM’s substantive activities are two programs: environmental policy and environmental awareness. EGM has more than 1000 members, most of them are young people - university students. New members - all of which are important for the Estonian nature conservation and improvement of the environment - are always welcome. Upon entering the Estonian Green Movement member, to support sustainable social order in creation.

Estonian Green Movement is working actively with the cross behind organizations, inter alia, by the International Friends of the Earth organization ( Friends of the Earth ), Clean Baltic Community ( Coalition Clean Baltic ), the CEE Bankwatch Network , the Taiga Rescue Network and the Transport and Environment ( Transport & Environment ) participating organization. Estonian NGOs collaboration platform is the EGM of the Estonian Council of Environmental NGOs (EKO), Estonian FSC Working Group , Development Roundtable (battery) and Tartu Environmental Education Centre, a founder member.




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