Human Rights, Intellectual Property and Development Trust (HURID)

HURID, the sole member of the Zambian TAI Coalition, is helping the country prioritize reforms by conducting a national TAI assessment.

Mission Statement:

To contribute to the development of a culture of constitutionalism, good governance and commitment to sustainable development and promotion of the protection of intellectual creations through partnerships with public and private institutions.

The objectives of HURID are:

Initiating, encouraging and promoting co-operation in the field of human rights, intellectual property and development in general;

Increasing awareness of human rights standards provided for in various human rights instruments adopted at universal, regional and national levels;

Conducting training for law enforcement agents and other public officials in the interpretation, application and enforcement of human rights standards, humanitarian law, refugee law and intellectual property law;

Researching into all aspects of good governance, in particular human rights, sustainable development and poverty reduction; and,

Documenting and acting as a depository library for human rights, humanitarian law, refugee law and intellectual property materials.




Third Floor Independence Ave.
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