Institute of Sociology

As an separate branch of science the sociology started to develop in Ukraine since 1968 in the Institute of Philosophy of an Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. During the next two decades several sociological departments were created, which formed a base for the establishment of the Institute sociology in November 1990.

Content and character of Institute’s scientific research are directed first of all to detection of legitimacies and main tendencies of social development of the Ukrainian society, reconstruction in scientific concepts of the modern Ukrainian society’s dynamic image peculiarities, analysis of public conversions, definition of main metrics, forms and consequences of social changes, which are taking place in Ukraine on the junction of millennia. These key factors of activity of the Institute are implemented in following priority directions of research: •Special feature of social - status stratification; •Tendencies and mechanisms of social differentiation; •Transformation tendencies of a social structure of society; •Dynamics of mass consciousness of the population; •Social conditions of market economics formation; •Factors of the person’s adaptations in conditions of public crisis; •Dynamics of social health’s state of the population; •Formation of civil society and creation of the Ukrainian elite; •Sociology of culture and mass communications; •History, theory, methodology of sociology, sociology of policy etc.

The institute implements the long-term program of researching of social consequences of Chernobyl catastrophe and of post-Chernobyl social policy.




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