King Prajadhipok’s Institute


  1. Academic research to systematically create a body of knowledge and reflect problem-solving for development of a democratic regime of government with the King as Head of State, as well as King Prajadhipok study.

  2. Provide academic services in the form of education, academic training, advising, and counseling in the area of policies, services, information, and news concerning politics and administration, and economic and social affairs in democratic systems, good governance, and the way of peace Support the work of Parliament and the Political Development Council.

  3. Disseminate, publicize, and support knowledge and understanding, and exercise civic rights and duties according to the constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand.

  4. Promote collaboration with domestic and international organizations to develop democracy, good governance, and the way for peace.

  5. Promote and develop the King Prajadhipok Museum to be a learning resource.

  6. Administrate fund for development and dissemination of democracy and support the civil politics development fund.




47/101 5th Fl., Seminar Center Bldg., Civil Service training Institute, Tiwanon Rd.
City, Postal: 
Nonthaburi, 11000
66 2527 7830-9