Maximo T. Kalaw Institute for Sustainable Development (MTKISD)

The MTK Institute’s vision is of an alternative future where the individual is affirmed in his/her true identity as manifested by values of inner wholeness: where every individual has equal access to nature’s resources and to the means of deriving from them adequate livelihood and property, through a usage that is appropriate and sustainable. It is a vision where the economics of people’s well-being in culturally diverse communities prevails over the economics of unlimited acquisition: and where people in communities pursue their own development according to their needs and where government provides the support and mechanisms for a human and ecological security towards a sustainable community-centred development. The Institute further envisions an informed community in which constituents are able to discuss issues and bring their concerns to the negotiating table with local, national or regional government and business leaders. The MTK Institute’s primary purpose is, therefore, to keep alive the vision of Maximo T. Kalaw. It is a vision of a human development that encompasses the material, biological and spiritual nature of the human person, integral on one hand, with his Source and habitat, the Earth, and, on the other hand, with his Ultimate Destiny.

To pursue its realization of this vision, the MTK Institute will: * engage in policy research, advocacy, and participatory action; * promote cultural and bio-diversity conservation and development, alternative education and developmental communication, networking and convene for a and conferences; * and develop applications of science and technology to organization, planning and management of human communities for sustainable development at local, national and international levels.




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