Nijera Kori

Nijera Kori works with downtrodden people. We continue to use the adjective “downtrodden” with deliberation. Our objectives, broadly speaking, are to come to point in time when we shall cease to use the said word…

Therefore, the mission of Nijera Kori is: Development activities of Nijera Kori are directed towards the establishment of rights of the downtrodden people. Women are an important and integral part of all production processes. In order to break the patriarchal system, Nijera Kori works to change the biased male perception towards women and encourages women to recognize and assert their own position in society. Nijera Kori feels that an accountable, democratic environment is absolutely essential for development. Nijera Kori imbibes democratic conduct through participation and accountability in planning, implementation, evaluation and overall management not only with the groups organized but throughout the organization itself. Nijera Kori believes in an environment friendly sustainable development process.

Our Objectives are: To unite people, both women and men who have long been the victims of exploitation, social marginalization, oppression and poverty. To enable people thus united to understand and develop awareness about their rights, causes of their problems and their responsibilities. To empower people to take up challenges within their own spheres to create a better and more meaningful life for themselves and their immediate community.



7/8 Block C, Lalmatia Dhaka
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Dhaka Bangladesh 1207