The Uganda Wildlife Society

The Uganda Wildlife Society (UWS) is an environmental policy research and advocacy non-profit, membership based, non-governmental organisation that has been in existence for over two decades – originally as the Uganda Branch of the East African Wild Life Society and later (since 1998) as the UWS. Its mission is to promote the conservation of wildlife and the environment in Uganda.

In the effort to fulfil its mission and objectives, UWS engages in natural resources policy research, advocacy, education and awareness, and selected community conservation projects designed to influence policy. Policy research equips the Society with the capacity to developed learned positions that will positively impact natural resource policy and legislation in Uganda and is, therefore, the precursor to its advocacy, education and awareness, and community conservation activities. The organization also conducts public education and awareness campaigns and dialogues on topical environmental issues. These ddialogues have formed a steadfast platform for information sharing between different conservation and development stakeholders.

Over the last two decades of UWS ‘s policy research and advocacy activities, a good number of publications, policy briefs and reports have been generated. Some of these publications can be accessed on:




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