Vilnius University Sociocultural Institute

The Centre was founded after reassessing traditions of cooperation among different departments at the faculty as well as the demand for complex research in the Lithuanian market and the necessity to consider the priorities of European Research Area which is being formed in the EU. The main reasons for the formation of such an area are a narrow scope of research and the division of space for research. These factors disturbed the exchange of ideas and search for complex decisions. A new programme of research in the European Union, which will have finished by the end of the year 2006, identifies the need for the synthesis of research in different fields of science (social, political, technological,etc) as one of its priorities. The aim of this research is to evaluate the reception of the idea of a knowledge society by a multicultural and multilingual society of the EU. This priority declared by the initiators of European Research Area enables the faculty to review traditional cooperation in the fields of social, technological, humanitarian sciences at Kaunas Faculty of Humanities.




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