May 7, 2013
Hungarian Parliament to curtail freedom of information legislation

Some recent and rather sad news on freedom of information from Hungary.

The Bill was submitted to the Parliament on Sunday (see the date on the document and the Parliament after a very thorough consideration adopted it today in the morning.

The timing of the adoption of the Bill, that was rushed through the Parliament, perfectly shows Hungary’s commitment to principles of open government as the country officially joined the OGP last week.

May 7, 2013
El acceso a la información ambiental

(Spanish only)

Cuando los países firmaron, en 1992, la Declaración de Río, en la Primera Conferencia de Naciones Unidas sobre Ambiente y Desarrollo, incluyeron el principio 10, que hoy se conoce como el que establece los derechos de acceso.

May 3, 2013
Media Coverage of STRIPE Regional Meeting

You can see the publications by clicking the following links:




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Format News

May 1, 2013
Jakarta Declaration on Strengthening the Right to Information for People and the Environment
Jakarta 2013 109 1798 resize.jpg

WRI’s Access Initiative hosted a regional meeting in Jakarta to propose new actions to improve the current right of access to environmental information in the Asian region. The event provided a space for peer learning about issues faced by communities in seeking access to environmental information through the use of freedom of information laws and promotion of proactive release of environmental information.

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