May 29, 2013
A new focus on implementation of ATI laws

There is growing evidence of a greater focus on efforts to assess and promote more effective implementation of ATI laws. WRI released a little over a year ago new research on implementation challenges in 3 African countries (Uganda, Ghana and South Africa) as part of its ATI in Africa Project. The paper entitled Passive and Active Resistance to Openess : The Transparency Model for ATI laws in Africa written with partners from each of these countries (ODAC, CDD and Greenwatch) documents longstanding implementation challenges in Uganda, Ghana and South Africa.

May 17, 2013
Los derechos de acceso en el Ecuador y el derecho de consulta previa, libre e informada

Como parte del proyecto “The Access Initiative (TAI): Legal Empowerment of Vulnerable Communities in Latin America” desarrollamos un análisis de la legislación vigente sobre el derecho de consulta previa, libre e informada en el marco de los derechos de participación reconocidos en el Principio 10 de la Declaración de Río.

May 10, 2013
Access to information could land you in jail

Original article from The Observer

One day Abadallah walked to the National Forestry Authority as a concerned citizen seeking to get information about licensing forest reserves.

May 10, 2013
New Jakarta Declaration Aims to Strengthen Rights to Environmental Information in Asia
The Jakarta Declaration aims to strengthen rights to environmental information in Indonesia, China, Japan, Mongolia, the Philippines, and Thailand. Photo credit: Luca Bruno, Flickr

(Original article posted by Carole Excell on WRI Insights on May 9, 2013:

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