Sep 8, 2008
Socios TAI planifican el futuro del movimiento TAI en América Latina (Español / English)

Durante los próximos dos meses los socios TAI en América Latina trabajarán conjuntamente para construir un plan de incidencia para la región que identifique las prioridades en acceso y proponga estrategias concretas para los próximos cuatro años.

Aug 29, 2008
Zinc and Lead Flowing Into the River of Kamenicka Reka

This month the TAI research team from Macedonia explored one of the largest cases of pollution of the river Kamenicka Reka. Namely, the mine Metal SASA is working near to Kamenicka Reka . After average of slag effusion done in 2003, reported spilling of an 70000-100.000 m3 metals of lead and zinc by the SASA mine. The authorities did not take appropriate measures to stop or prevent the pollution of the river.

Aug 29, 2008
Assessing Access in Yunnan, China
TAI Yunnan WS_HJ 002_crop.jpg

The Yunnan coalition started their TAI assessment process during a training workshop from Jan 13-15, 2008, led by TAI core team partner Thailand Environment Institute.

Aug 19, 2008
Chile enacts Access to Public Information Law

Last week, President Bachelet of Chile enacted the Law for Civil Service Transparency and Access to Information of the State Administration Organs. Under the new law, all state administration agencies -at the central, regional or community level- will be obliged to provide, within a maximum of twenty days, information requested by any citizen.

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