Jan 9, 2009
Has public participation been Terminated?
The Governor meets with the Vice-President in 2003.

In an effort to keep his state fiscally afloat amidst turbulent economic times and an imminent budget crisis, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is jeopardizing longstanding policies designed to both protect the state’s environment and facilitate public participation in government.

Jan 8, 2009
El Quinto Poder / The Fifth Power

Durante las últimas décadas el sistema político ecuatoriano, y especialmente el sistema de partidos políticos, sufrieron un importante desgaste que originó el nacimiento de movimiento ciudadanos mucho más fuertes, que se movilizaron para proponer y exigir cambios profundos en el país. Así surgió el movimiento político del actual gobierno, que como parte de su proyecto político impulsó una Asamblea Constituyente enfocada a elaborar una nueva Constitución que reforme la institucionalidad del Estado y reoriente la política de desarrollo hacia la equidad social.

Jan 8, 2009
Barriers to Justice
Water from a polluted river

Costs and legal rules are two major obstacles that prevent people from obtaining justice on environmental matters. Be it in a court of law or an administrative agency, people must have a place to go to resolve environmental disputes. Costs and outdated legal rules often keep people at bay forcing them to suffer environmental harm or continue environmental conflicts.

Dec 9, 2008
UNEP Governing Council to Consider Draft Guidelines on Principle 10
UNEP Governing Council.jpg
The 23rd UNEP Governing Council

We at the TAI Secretariat (World Resources Institute) just received this important call to action for access proponents everywhere. In essence the UNEP Governing Council will consider adopting a set of guidelines for national-level laws and institutions for Principle 10 of the Rio Declaration (Access to Information, Public Participation, and Access to Justice). The TAI Network has a special role to play in moving our governments to accept these foundational principles of environmental governance, a first step to creating a binding international treaty or convention.

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