South East Asia


TEI would like to submit all Asia partners the 3rd draft of TAI Asia Report (final draft) for your consideration. We really appreciate your effort and time that allow this TAI Asia Report to happen! In this report, we have combined all chapters, annexes, except Success Story and Vietnam Chapters which are now being edited and will be soon circulated to you.

Please kindly let us know your feedbacks by Fri 19 March 2010. After the due date, TEI will go ahead to finalize the report and do artwork.

3rd TAI Asia Regional Meeting

The Third TAI Asia Regional Meeting was successfully held on October 29-30, 2009 in Bangkok, Thailand, to update TAI partners in Asia on the status and success of TAI, promote regional advocacy, develop strategies for expansion and further engagement of governments and share success stories and presentations within the network as well as inform potential partners of TAI activities in the region.

Participants of the two-day meeting include TAI partners and potential partners in Asia, including CSOs from Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Nepal, the Philippines, Thailand, South Korea and Sri Lanka.

In addition to the CSO participants, there will also be governmental officials from TAI partner countries, international organizations and donors attending this meeting to share experiences in environmental governance and collaborations between NGOs and government on access right.

South East Asia Regional Contact:

Somrudee Nicro
Director, Urbanization and Environment Program
Thailand Environment Institute
Bangkok, Thailand

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