Environmental and Social Assessment Memo

Dr. Goodland’s Memo on Environmental and Social Assessments (ESAs) is an overview of the ESA process, including screening, scoping, the environmental management plan, and public participation. It gives insight into the independent review structure of ESAs and the remedies that are available to affected communities and stakeholders.

The memo also focuses upon what constitutes free prior and informed consent and impact-compensation contracts and how these mechanisms relate to indigenious persons. In addition, ESAs are differentiated between Strategic ESAs and in terms of the health impacts and the climate change consequences of development projects.

General Outline:

  • Standard ESA Practice: ESA Screening, ESA Scoping, ESA Environmental Management Plan, Mitigation, Monitoring, Capacity Strengthening
  • Public Participation & Disclosure
  • Vulnerable Ethnic Minorities: Indigenous Peoples, Free Prior and Informed Consent, Impact-Compensation Contracts
  • Independent Review
  • Remedies: Grievance Mechanism
  • Human Rights: Involuntary Resettlement
  • New Directions for ESA: Strategic ESA, Health Impact Assessment, Climate Change Assessment
Dr. Robert Goodland
World Resources Institute
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