Memo on Freedom of Association

Carlos Ponce’s Memo discusses the right to association and the crucial role this right plays in bringing awareness to human rights violations, advancing democratic ideologies, and educating the public.

Ponce provides an outline of the different barriers that are placed upon NGOs (CSOs) and a useful toolkit for NGOs to survive under opressive governments. The memo also contains some of the international organizations that have issued statements on protecting civil society, the freedom of association, and the right for NGOs to freely exist and operate.

Contents of Memo:

  • Barriers: Barriers to Entry, Barriers to Operational Activity, Barriers to Speech and Advocacy, Barriers to Contact and Communication, Barriers to Resources

  • International Legislation Protecting Freedom of Association

  • International Principals Protecting Civil Society

  • Toolkit (Survival Techniques applied by NGOs in restrictive scenarios)

Carlos Ponce
World Resources Institute
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