Presentations from 2012 STRIPE Study Tour: Day 4
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Related Locations: 

Below are listed presentations from the 2012 STRIPE Study Tour, in the following order:

1) PROPER: A Role Model for Other Countries? Mark Stephan, Washington State University

2) Review of Facility-Specific Data & Evidence and Strategies for Pollution Clean up Mark Chernaik, ELAW

3) Environmental Data and Information: Meet the challenges Henry Bastaman, Ministry of Environment, Indonesia

4) Lessons Learned from the STRIPE Study Tour Indonesia Center for Environmental Law

5) STRIPE Data Discussion Joe Foti

6) Strengthening the Right to Access Environmental Information Wijarn Simachaya, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

7) PROPER Bibliography Mark Stephan, Washington State University

Additionally, the full webinar can be found here:

Part 1:

Part 2:

EPA, World Bank, etc
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