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Nov 4, 2008
Dark Eyes

Here is the poem I wrote out on a paper napkin in grateful tribute to Joe McGowan for his wonderfully eloquent story telling that brought tears to my eyes and which I recited to you at the dinner just after our visit to Yeats’ grave etc. Its the epitaph of a female student for her female teacher and from a book I am working on currently. It is also rooted in the pagan, deep ecological modalities that I choose to live by. Lalanath - I kept my promise to post this on the blog my friend.

I was born in storm of roses and thorn

Into murk made of mixture of sorrow and song

Nov 4, 2008
Thanks and looking ahead...

Dear friends,

As I said at the meeting, this was a pretty good gathering. While we should be kind to bad meetings we should be much more critical of good ones such as this. While most of the “program goals” were more or less met, what I found we must improve on are mechanics that would ensure that we are more clearly driven by a “solution oriented” mindset that engages, collectivizes and formulates clean and practical systems for moving ahead.

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